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What is premixed fuel?

Fuel premix is when you mix 2-stroke (also known as 2-cycle) engine oil with gasoline at a specific ratio. An example of this would be premixing gasoline for a chainsaw at a 50:1 (50 to 1) ratio. If you had 5 litres of gasoline you would mix 100 millilitres of 2-stroke oil into the gas to get the required 50:1 ratio! At this point you may be wondering why any of this matters.

Why is Premixing your fuel so important?

Premixing your fuel for your 2-stroke engine is extremely important because this is how 2-stroke engines get their lubrication. If you do not premix your fuel with any 2-stroke oil your engine will not last long before it seizes or melts the piston rings. Even if your engine has direct oil injection, meaning you don't premix your oil, it may be required to premix the first tank of fuel after an engine rebuild in addition to filling the oil tank for your regular oil injection.

This is why you always want to make sure you're using a high quality 2-stroke oil and to mix it at the correct ratio. If you mix it too lean, meaning not enough oil in your mixture, the engine will not last and most likely blow up. If you mix it too rich, meaning too much oil in your mixture, the engine will probably run poorly and have problems with heavy carbon build up as well. Follow the recommended premix ratio in your owners manual and use the calculator on this website to make figuring out your premix oil measurement easy and more importantly, accurate.


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